Even mild COVID could affect long-term heart health, study suggests

Dr. Evelina Grayver considered herself an athlete. The 42-year-old cardiologist, who spent years working out daily, managed to stay COVID-free until January 2021. But since then, she has had difficulty doing things she normally would. 

“I walked up one flight of stairs and had to sit down because I couldn’t breathe,” Grayver said. 

Grayver, the director of Women’s Heart Health at Northwell Health, is one of the hundreds of thousands now victims of what’s known as long COVID — a syndrome that leaves people with

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Serious mental health conditions may double heart disease risk, study says

Study: Serious mental health conditions may double heart disease risk

People with serious mental health conditions are at greater risk for heart disease, according to a new study. File Photo by hywards/Shutterstock

People with serious mental illness have up to double the risk of heart disease, and should have their heart health monitored from a young age, a new study finds.

Specifically, those mental health issues are bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.

“Previous research has indicated that people diagnosed with a serious mental illness die 10-20 years earlier than the general population, and their leading cause of death is heart disease,” said lead author Dr. Rebecca Rossom.

“Our study

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Oral health may affect heart health in older women, study shows

Oral health may affect heart health in older women, study shows

A new study found that 15 types of mouth bacteria were linked to the odds of developing high blood pressure. Photo by Laboko/Shutterstock

A new study offers more evidence that oral health is connected to heart health: Older women who harbor certain bacteria in their mouths might be at increased risk of developing high blood pressure.

The study, which followed 1,200 women for a decade, found that 15 types of mouth bacteria were linked to the odds of developing high blood pressure. Most were tied to an increased risk, but a few types were potentially protective.

The findings do

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Dignity Health launches groundbreaking study to combat heart disease | Arizona News

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – If you were likely to have a heart attack in the future, would you want to know? Half of all Americans are expected to have one cardiac event in their lifetime. A Dignity Health study could help this no longer be true here in Arizona. It’s the first one in North America where genetic testing is used to identify individuals at risk for heart disease.

“I thought this would be a great way to get involved in the study,” Phoenix resident Soilo Felix said. “And also learn a little bit more about my risks for heart

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Even “Light” Drinking Can Cause This Heart Health Risk, New Study Says

You have surely heard the saying that “everything in moderation is key,” but new research has found that might not be the case when it comes to alcohol.

New research from the United Kingdom reveals that even limited servings of alcohol could result in cardiovascular events. Read on to learn more about the study, and then check out The #1 Best Juice to Drink Every Day, Says Science.

Study authors from Anglia Ruskin University analyzed the health data of more than 333,200 adults between the ages of 40 and 69 who drank alcohol and had not been previously

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Doing This in the Bathroom Can Slash Your Heart Attack Risk, Study Finds

When it comes to your heart health, even the smallest changes to your lifestyle can make a major difference. But while most of us are keenly aware of the effects of diet, exercise, and stress levels on our heart health, fewer among us realize that our bathroom habits may play a role in cardiovascular wellbeing, too. Following a two-decades-long study, experts now say that doing this one thing in the bathroom can significantly slash your risk of a heart attack. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that this daily habit—which may already be a part of your

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