Prospects of success increase with larger case volumes

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In a series of commissions awarded by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) to the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), the question is whether for certain surgical procedures, a correlation can be shown between the volume of services provided per hospital and the quality of treatment results. IQWiG’s rapid report on heart transplantations is now available.

According to the findings, a positive correlation can be inferred between the volume of services and the quality of treatment results for heart transplantations in adults: In hospitals with larger case volumes, fewer of the transplanted patients

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Americans Face New COVID-19 Restrictions After Thanksgiving

Americans returning from Thanksgiving break faced strict new coronavirus measures around the country Monday as health officials brace for a disastrous worsening of the nationwide surge because of holiday gatherings over the long weekend.

Los Angeles County imposed a stay-at-home order for its 10 million residents, and Santa Clara County, in the heart of Silicon Valley, banned high school, college and professional sports and decreed a quarantine for those who have traveled more than 150 miles outside the county.

In Hawaii, the mayor of Hawaii County said trans-Pacific travelers arriving without a negative COVID-19 test must quarantine for 14

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Top Advice for Improving Heart Health

Clinical Contributors to this Story

George Batsides, M.D. contributes to topics such as Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Saleem Husain, M.D. contributes to topics such as Cardiac / Heart Health.

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Tilak Pasala, M.D. contributes to topics such as Interventional Cardiology.

We all know that keeping our hearts healthy is vital for overall good health and to live a long, physically active life. But there’s a lot of information floating around about how to achieve optimal

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“I need help with alcohol addiction”: 5 steps to take for self-treatment.

Alcohol addiction can hamper many relation and work. After a certain point, you think you are losing yourself and feel like I need help with alcohol addiction. But don’t worry, we have some tips for you, they are as follows:

Five steps for self-treatment

For self-treating yourself, undertake the following points:

  • Set your goal: Set a goal for yourself, i.e., how you are planning to quit. Plan out how many times you are allowed to drink in a week. It is your decision as you know what will be right for you. Show sincerity like you have shown now
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Benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle

▷ What is a healthy lifestyle? - Dos, don'ts, benefits & more | Adia

The benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle are that they can reduce your risk of developing serious illnesses such as diabetes, cancers, and cardiovascular diseases. Regular physical activity can help you combat the effects of aging too.

To boost the effects of physical activity, many people turn to supplements and vitamins. Read the experiences and feedback of real-world customers of Stop Aging Now and A1 Supplements reviews to learn more about the ways in which vitamins and supplements can help you.

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