20 healthy and cheap packed lunch ideas

a plate of food on a table: Stay full for longer with these healthy, simple lunch suggestions.

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Stay full for longer with these healthy, simple lunch suggestions.

If you struggle to make it through the afternoon without reaching for high-calorie snacks, it’s time to rethink your lunch choices. An unsatisfying lunch won’t just have you raiding the biscuit tin – it can affect your concentration and focus, leaving you lethargic for the rest of the day.

If you’re feeling sluggish or hungry by 3pm, it’s time to seek out fresh lunchbox inspo. Eating healthy needn’t mean limp salads and watery smoothies, nor should you have to worry about last night’s dinner exploding in

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Removing SORLA protein from drug-resistant HER2-positive cancer cell lines

Novel therapy-resistance mechanism promoting the growth of breast cancer brain metastasis
SORLA removal sensitises metastatic breast cancer cells to HER2 targeting therapy. Aggressive metastatic breast cancer cells growing in the brains of fish embryos. The tumors are resistant to anti-HER2 therapy alone but sensitive when anti-HER2 therapy is combined with SORLA depletion. Credit: Dr Ilkka Paatero from Turku Bioscience Zebrafish Core Facility

SORLA is a protein trafficking receptor that has been mainly studied in neurons, but it also plays a role in cancer cells. Professor Johanna Ivaska’s research group at Turku Bioscience observed that SORLA functionally contributes to the most reported therapy-resistant mechanism by which the cell-surface receptor HER3 counteracts HER2

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Larger panel finds more gene mutations, treatment targets for leukemia


IMAGE: Drs. Ravindra Kolhe (left) and Vamsi Kota.
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Credit: Kim Ratliff, Augusta University Photographer

AUGUSTA, Ga. (Feb. 1, 2020) – A gene panel that looks for about 10 times the number of cancer-causing genes as panels currently used to diagnose and fine tune treatment for a variety of cancers is effective at identifying problematic genes in the most common leukemia, investigators report.

The 523-gene panel, developed by San Diego-based biotech company Illumina, which includes all genes known to potentially cause cancer, can be readily adopted for use in clinical laboratories to diagnose acute myeloid leukemia, or AML, the

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Press Release On Seoneedthis.info

Malang 9 August 2020

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5 ‘Healthy’ Food Items That Are Just Overhyped

Health freaks always want to ensure that whatever they are eating is actually aiding their physical and mental well-being. While some of the food items they prefer and promote are confirmed to be nutritional powerhouses, there are also some that are just highly overrated in terms of food value.

In fact, many of the so-called “healthy” food items that the internet wants you to stock up on and obsess about may not be as good as you think. This is why it pays to be vigilant when trying to determine which items to include in your diet.

Now here are 

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Healthy Eating: Time to jump on the sourdough starter bandwagon

Sourdough crêpes

During the pandemic, sourdough has become all the rage. People are home more; they are cooking more often, and social media has made sourdough the superstar of the baking world right now. So much so that people give their sourdough starters names as if they are new pets in the family. I have had a sourdough starter going since 2018 and have managed to keep it alive. I have had moments where I thought it died but somehow, I have always been able to revive it. I love to use it in bread, waffles and pancakes. I’ve just

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