How you cook can increase your risk of the deadly condition

This Morning: Dr Chris discusses heart disease



Insightful research – published in the British Medical Journal – drew attention to what contributes to heart disease; and while it’s no surprise that it’s linked to diet, the way you cook has an influence. Fried food intake was linked to a heightened risk of heart disease, with every additional 114g serving increasing the risk even more. The association between fried food consumption and heart disease risk was based on pooled data from 17 studies.

Combining the dataset from all 17 studies meant the details of 562,445

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Heart Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore, According to Doctors

If you are having a heart attack, symptoms are usually strong and will arise suddenly. Unfortunately, when it comes to heart failure, the symptoms aren’t so obvious, and usually don’t develop overnight. In fact, if your heart is failing, you might not experience any symptoms at all.

One of the most important ways to take care of your heart health is simply knowing the signs and symptoms—whether they are incredibly subtle or extremely obvious. Eat This, Not That! Health spoke to several of the nation’s top physicians to help you spot them and act before it’s too late. Read on,

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What your resting heart rate reveals about your longevity

Eating less red meat, reducing sodium, getting plenty of light exercise: Most health-conscious people are familiar with ways they can reduce their risk of heart disease.

But according to a recent study, there might be a risk factor that’s under the radar for many adults.

As reported by Science Daily, the medical journal Open Heart has published a study that found that men in their 50s who have a resting heart rate of 75 beats per minute or higher are twice as likely to die of heart disease within 11 years than peers with a resting rate of 55

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Health & Human Services offers free educational & lifestyle classes – L’Observateur

LAPLACE — The Department of Health and Human Services has planned a variety of programs to meet the needs of the St. John the Baptist Parish community, including STEM learning sessions, parenting classes, nutrition classes and financial literacy workshops.


STEM Session

St. John Parish has worked in partnership with STEM NOLA for several years to deliver cost-free, hands-on learning to children and families. Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced STEM Live events to transition to STEM at Home. During this time, the St. John Recreation Department, Nalco and St. John United Way sponsored more than 300 kits to be used

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Methamphetamine Use Drove Surge In Heart Failure Hospitalizations, Costs In California

Newswise — DALLAS, July 14, 2021 — Heart failure hospitalizations and costs related to methamphetamine use jumped sharply over a decade in California, according to new research published today in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, an American Heart Association journal.

“Our study results should bring urgent attention to this insidious yet rapidly growing form of severe heart failure – methamphetamine-related heart failure, which is taking the lives of young people, straining health care resources and threatening to spread like wildfire in California, the West and to the rest of the nation,” said lead author Susan X. Zhao, M.D., a

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Heart Disease Risks You Didn’t Know About, Say Doctors

Eat right, get regular exercise, avoid tobacco, limit alcohol—by now, you’re probably familiar with the keys to preventing heart disease. But recent studies have highlighted some other, lesser-known behaviors and situations that can be just as harmful to your heart as subsisting on Big Macs and puffing away on a pack a day. Chances are, you haven’t heard about them—until now. Read on to find out more—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You Have “Long” COVID and May Not Even Know It.

A new study published in the Journal of

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