Why Canada still needs a public dental health plan despite decades of medicare

Canadians pride ourselves on our health-care system, especially in comparison with our neighbours to the south. But there are significant gaps in coverage. Nearly one-third of Canadians do not have dental insurance, and that number climbs to 50 per cent for lower-income Canadians. Without dental care, minor issues like cavities can result in serious infections.

Over 10 per cent of Canadians live with pain in their mouth. People visit emergency rooms for care that could be better delivered in a dental office. Canadians lose teeth that could have been saved, which makes it hard to eat nutritiously and

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Googling Tips, Tricks & Hacks You Probably Never Knew, But Should

In the 21st century, Google has become somewhat closer to us than even our best friends, family, spouse or children. You always spend time with it, prodding it and enjoying its company.

There may not be so many people today who don’t use Google regularly and type into it search queries whenever they need answer to or information on just about any range of topics. You may hesitate to ask your spouse about something or might feel reluctant to discuss with a best friend the bullying from a rowdy workmate, but never shy to key in your issue or query

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