Learning About CBD to A Larger Extent

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The need for non-addictive medicine has bought us to Cannabidiol or CBD, a compound extracted from different parts of the cannabis plant. This compound is abundantly present in the species of the cannabis plant and is known to cure and treat several kinds of diseases and disorders. One might often confuse them as a substance that causes high but it is not so. Cannabis does not contain the compound that causes the feeling of getting high, THC. The CBD extraction and processing are regulated by the government in the states. Those who are sceptical about the compounds have banned them … Read More

Photo does not show Biden’s health nominee with family

CLAIM: Photo shows Dr. Rachel Levine, President Joe Biden’s nominee for assistant health secretary, with her family.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: Altered photo. Levine’s face was edited into this picture, which actually shows a British family that has been featured on various reality TV shows.

THE FACTS: A day before his inauguration, Biden nominated Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine to be his assistant secretary of health, positioning her to become the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

In the weeks since then, viral social media posts have sought to mock Levine for her weight and gender

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Importance of diagnosis-to-treatment interval in newly diagnosed patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Patient characteristics

A total of 199 patients were identified (Table 1), with a median age of 70 years (range 28–87). 81% were > 60 years, 51% were male, 68% were Stage III/IV, 60% had IPI score 3–5, and 16% were diagnosed in other facilities. Forty-eight percent were treated with CHOP, 52% were given dose-reduced THP-COP regimen, and 94% were combined with rituximab. The reasons for omitting Rituximab were CD20 negativity (n = 1), severe infusion reaction (n = 1), early death before using Rituximab (n = 2), concerns about tumor lysis syndrome (n = 4), and details unknown (n = 

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How to Prevent Heart Disease and Improve Your Heart Health

Welcome to 2021. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Did they involve promises about eating better, losing weight, exercising more and stressing less? What about prioritizing sleep and curbing the booze? If your goals included one or all of the above, you might as well have just said this is the year you resolve to prevent heart disease. Because each of those resolutions takes you one step closer to the formidable task of keeping your heart healthy.

Heart disease isn’t necessarily something on your radar—but it should be. “Heart disease is the number one cause of

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Backed by Argonne, Planet Fitness Franchisee Adds 16 Gyms to Near 100 | Franchise Mergers and Acquisitions

Stephen Kindler Jr. doesn’t want to call his firm’s acquisition of 16 Planet Fitness gyms in Ohio and Pennsylvania, in the middle of the pandemic, a gamble. “But definitely it took some long, hard discussions about how we wanted to continue growing our business,” said Kindler, the 35-year-old president and CEO of National Fitness Partners.

“I’m very familiar with the sellers we worked with; the timing was right. We came up with a fair and equitable transaction for both parties. It was our way of showing conviction” in the “long-term success of our brand.” He said he’s bullish on the

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