Sacred Heart students learn about whole wellness at health fair

Sacred Heart students stretch while doing yoga outside of the school with class being taught by Angel Wolf, Sharp Performance trainer, during the school health fair on Friday.
Tiffany Wells, registered nutritionist, ask for questions after showing examples of healthy breakfast or snack items to a group of Sacred Heart students during the school health fair on Friday.
Angel Wolf, Sharp Performance trainer, teaches Sacred Heart students how to do the eagle yoga pose during her class at the school health fair on Friday.
Lauryn Mikkelson, 14, stretches while doing yoga during the Sacred Heart Jr.-Sr. High School health fair outside of the school on Friday. The health fair taught students nutrition, exercise, CPR and the effects drugs and alcohol has on a body.

With health being on many people’s minds during a pandemic, students at Sacred Heart High School learned about wellness at the school’s health fair Friday.

In its 16th year, the fair teaches students about their wellness as a whole, including body and mind.

Shelly Gaskill, the wellness coordinator for Sacred Heart, said she has a passion to help people stay healthy and the fair helps students learn early on skills that will help them as they grow older.

“It started with a $250 grant,” Gaskill said.

It has grown since that first year, with parents and community organizations donating time and resources to help with the fair.

“A parent provided the food,” Gaskill said. “(Places like) Sharp Performance, who’s teaching yoga, they all want to help with our school.”