Trinity Health System launches new program for those battling heart disease

Steubenville, OH (WTRF)- Trinity Health System successfully launches a new way to care for those battling advanced heart disease.

They call it Transcatheter Aortic Value Replacement, or TAVR in short.

How it works is simple.

The patient doesn’t have to undergo open-heart surgery like they normally would. There’s no cutting involved. They won’t even have to induce patients with general anesthesia but with minimum sedation.

This makes it for a less painful and a quicker recovery process for the patients.

With this procedure, patients could be up and walking in just 4

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Lively Coronary Heart Price

In Northern Virginia, proper exterior of Washington, DC there was one explicit Fitness Company that had already solidified their area of interest with the home primarily based demographic lengthy earlier than the new trend took off. For these unable to attend in person, a number of packages will be offered nearly, according to the press release. – South Carolina fitness professionals are creating a new affiliation to enhance the health and wellness of communities, promote greater requirements for the business and provide continued education and training Health for its members. In December, Apple released its personal workout subscription service, Fitness+, … Read More

Small study shows heart damage after COVID-19 uncommon in college athletes

college athletes
Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

In a small study, researchers found college athletes who contracted COVID-19 rarely had cardiac complications. Most had mild COVID symptoms that did not require treatment, and in a small percentage of those with abnormal cardiac testing, there was no evidence of heart damage on special imaging tests. All athletes returned to sports without any health concerns, according to new research published today in the American Heart Association’s flagship journal Circulation.

In spring 2020, concerns about heart damage, especially inflammation, among athletes with COVID-19 led to recommendations for cardiac screening based on symptom severity before resuming

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Mild COVID-19 infection is very unlikely to cause lasting heart damage

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain

Mild Covid-19 infection is very unlikely to cause lasting damage to the structure or function of the heart, according to a study led by UCL (University College London) researchers and funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Barts Charity.

The researchers say the results, published in JACC Cardiovascular Imaging, should reassure the public, as they relate to the vast majority of people who had Covid-19 infections with mild or no symptoms.

This study of 149 healthcare workers recruited from Barts Health and Royal Free London NHS Trusts is the largest and most detailed study to

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How to monitor your heart health from home

a sign in the dark: remote monitoring technology,

remote monitoring technology,

Heart health is important: 45-year-old, school teacher, Lakshmi was not new to heart problems. In June 2019, she was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia (palpitation, racing heart) a condition that leads to irregular heartbeats as a result of the heart pumping too fast or too slow. However, Lakshmi ignored the condition as regular medical consultations helped ensure that her condition was under control. She was managing fine until the pandemic broke out.

Lakshmi started experiencing increased symptoms earlier and was unable to step out and consult a cardiologist due to concerns around her health and safety. The symptoms

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Israel examining heart inflammation cases in people who received Pfizer COVID shot

The New York Times

Millions Are Skipping Their Second Doses of COVID Vaccines

Millions of Americans are not getting the second doses of their COVID-19 vaccines, and their ranks are growing. More than 5 million people, or nearly 8% of those who got a first shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, have missed their second doses, according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That is more than double the rate among people who got inoculated in the first several weeks of the nationwide vaccine campaign. Even as the country wrestles with the

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