3 Surprising Ways To Support Your Heart Health With Dave Asprey

We dedicate February to the almighty organ: the human heart. The heart sends blood to the corners of the body, keeping our organs in check and operational. Other heart-related functions include blood pressure maintenance, hormone regulation, and oxygen distribution. That’s a lot of responsibility for one organ.

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Dave Asprey, the “father of biohacking” and four-time New York Times bestselling author, takes Heart Health Month seriously. “When it comes to my heart health, I don’t play around,” Asprey says. “Before I started optimizing my life with biohacking, I learned that I was at risk for heart conditions. I made simple lifestyle changes and introduced a couple of supplements, and now my heart scans come back perfect. ”

Asprey overhauled his lifestyle with an engineered heart-healthy routine, but not all of us are ready to dive headfirst into biohacking. Fortunately, a handful of small adjustments to your day-to-day can make a lasting impact.

Sugar Isn’t so Sweet

Who doesn’t love the indulgence of their favorite dessert? An occasional treat is good for the soul, yet most Americans consume far more sugar than they realize. The average diet is saturated with added sugar such as soda, candy, sweetened dairy, and pastries. Excess sugar adds few nutrients, while the extra calories may have a long-term impact on an otherwise healthy heart.

However, not all sugar is bad. Natural sugars can be found in fruits and unsweetened dairy. If you need an easy way to start supporting your heart health: go natural! Choose a bowl of fruit for dessert instead of a pastry or ice cream. Next time you’re at the grocery store, consider buying 100% juice with no added sugar and skip the soda aisle. Sugar’s sweet, but health is sweeter.

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Support Your Heart Health

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Take a Break

Meditation can safely slow your heart rate and reduce feelings of stress. Apps like Headspace, Calm, or Aura provide a variety of programs designed to teach mindful breathing and help users feel more relaxed in their setting.

Even the father of biohacking recognizes the importance of a mental break. He believes that “it doesn’t matter if it seems like a waste of time or like it’s not furthering your goals. Kicking back and enjoying yourself is essential to a good life.”

Mental and physical breaks are valuable assets in stress management. If you have trouble relaxing, find time in your schedule for some intentional self-care. Stick to it. Treat your “you-time” like you would treat an important work meeting. Show up for yourself— you deserve it.

Increase NAD+ to Support Healthy Aging


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Support Your Heart Health

Remember high school biology and the “powerhouse of the cell”? Our mitochondria create the energy needed to sustain the body’s many functions. Every organ needs energy, and your heart is no exception. To create this energy, cells need a vital resource known as NAD+. However, NAD+ levels decline with age and other metabolic stressors like overeating, lack of exercise, and sleep disturbance.

Fortunately, you can maintain your heart health and increase NAD+ by using Tru Niagen® in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. Backed by Nobel Prize winners and researched by the world’s leading scientific institutions, Tru Niagen® helps counteract the effects of stress and time.

While February is almost over, you can take several steps toward a healthier heart year-round. Resources like the American Heart Association provide free guides on nutrition and exercise as well as tangible strategies to build a healthier heart. Tru Niagen® adds additional support to the equation with cellular resilience and supporting heart health at any (and every) age.


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