With Heart Disease Still The #1 Killer, Prioritize Your Heart In 2021

image of a heart for discussing heart disease

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If you’re going into 2021 with goals in mind to achieve, one that you should add to your list is taking care of your heart health. Heart disease is the leading killer of all Americans, with causes for it including high blood pressure, not properly managing stress, obesity, high cholesterol, and a lack of physical activity, among other things. Black people are especially impacted by high blood pressure, with Black women 60 percent more likely to have it than white women.

“There are many reasons why high blood pressure disproportionately affects this population,

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“I need help with alcohol addiction”: 5 steps to take for self-treatment.

Alcohol addiction can hamper many relation and work. After a certain point, you think you are losing yourself and feel like I need help with alcohol addiction. But don’t worry, we have some tips for you, they are as follows:

Five steps for self-treatment

For self-treating yourself, undertake the following points:

  • Set your goal: Set a goal for yourself, i.e., how you are planning to quit. Plan out how many times you are allowed to drink in a week. It is your decision as you know what will be right for you. Show sincerity like you have shown now
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