Know Some Remarkable Health Benefits Of Black Seeds

Black seed, better known as black cumin or by its botanical name Nigella Sativa, is a commonly used ingredient in a range of cuisines across the globe. Apart from being used in the kitchen very extensively, black seeds are also used in various home remedies and medicine because of their amazing natural healing properties. Black seeds are super-beneficial for overall health in general. Here are some mind-blowing health benefits of the black seed.

Powerhouse Of Antioxidants

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According to research, black seeds are extremely rich in antioxidants. Several different compounds found in black seeds that go by the name of carvacrol, thymoquinone, and 4-terpineol are particularly responsible for their potential and powerful antioxidant properties. Medical science states that antioxidants can help prevent or reduce cell damage in the system that free radicals cause, known as oxidative stress.

Antioxidants act as a substance that neutralizes these harmful free radicals, hence, stopping them from causing damage to the cells. Consumption of black seeds can have remedial effects on general health and prevent disease. It may also prevent vision loss due to age-related macular degradation.

Also, antioxidants found in black seeds tend to prevent some deadly terminal illnesses caused by oxidative stress like cancer, atherosclerosis, heart-related conditions, diabetes and also fight against obesity.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Several studies indicate that the consumption of black seeds on a regular basis can initiate medicinal effects in the bodies of patients suffering from heart-related conditions in particular. This is because of the fact that black seeds, upon regular consumption, helps get rid of the bad or LDL cholesterol and throws it out of our system, thus keeping blood vessels clear off this fat-like substance.

Blockage-free blood vessels and unhindered blood flow through the arteries surrounding our heart automatically mean a better and healthier cardiovascular system. Apart from this, black seeds can significantly help boost the levels of HDL or good cholesterol in our system which is also responsible for better functioning of the heart.

So, the bottom line is that black seeds can actually really be super-beneficial for your heart. So better start incorporating black seeds into your diet almost immediately especially the ones already suffering from heart-related illnesses.

Have Impressive Anti-Cancer Properties

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As we just learned earlier that black seeds are literally stacked with antioxidants, this property gives them an incredible ability to fight against cancerous cells. Black seeds can actually be helpful in preventing certain types of cancers related to the pancreas, lungs, prostate gland, skin, colon, and cervical. Thymoquinone, an antioxidant substance found in black seeds, gets rid of the free radicals that are responsible for destroying cells in our body.

Thymoquinone also inhibits the growth of any potential active cancer cells being developed in certain areas of the body. Therefore reducing the risk of contracting this deadly disease by a significant percentage.

Various test-tube studies indicate that black seed extracts when interacted with certain cancerous cells(yoga for cancer), inactivated their growth and destroyed them. Not only this, but black seeds also help regenerate dead cells for the proper functioning of important organs of the body.

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Can Alleviate Inflammation

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Black seeds

Inflammation(How to avoid inflammation) of the internal organs is one of the prime reasons for a number of illnesses such as obesity, heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. In a normal scenario, inflammation in certain areas of the body is a healthy immune response against infection-causing pathogens or injuries. But chronic inflammation can lead to disastrous outcomes as described above.

Black seeds host amazing anti-inflammatory properties naturally. Regular incorporation of black seeds in your diet can induce anti-inflammatory reactions in some vital organs of the body which are prone to infections and are constantly endangered by certain toxic chemicals. Black seeds are widely consumed as a remedy for their powerful anti-inflammatory property.

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