Apple Card Discounts Health Apps For Heart Month

Apple is offering new discounts on health apps this month in honor of American Heart Month, according to a report from 9to5Mac.

American Heart Month takes place in February to observe the ways Americans can adopt healthier lifestyles to prevent various diseases.

The discounts will come to Apple Card holders for the apps Strava, which will offer a 60-day free trial; Ten Percent Happier, which will come with a 40 percent discount for the annual subscription; Sleep Cycle, which will come with a 50 percent discount and a seven-day free trial; and Lifesum, which will have a 50 percent discount on the annual subscription.

“Apple Card is bringing you exclusive offers for new subscribers to the following health and wellness apps, so you can save while you move,” Apple said, per the report. “Just redeem them on your iPhone.”

In addition, the report stated that Apple is offering Apple Watches with no APR financing for 24 months for Apple Card users.

Last summer, Apple set about promoting its new Apple Card in various ways, including a partnership with Walgreens in which users would get a $50 Apple Card bonus if they spent that same amount of money at Walgreens.

The bonus, which began in June, was extended to users who spent $50 at a Walgreens store within 30 days. The Apple Card bonus came in the form of Daily Cash, which could be used like cash back except it was issued at the end of every day.

That bonus was stacked on top of the existing partnership between the two companies, where customers at Walgreens or Duane Reade could access a 3 percent cash back reward for items paid for with Apple Pay either in-store or with a mobile phone.



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