Therapists are mostly people who have studied Psychology as their major or psychology-related majors can do. Since it takes years and training to be able to master the behavior of a person, long learning is needed before someone can turn into a therapist. Having all qualities listed below is what makes a good therapist.  

Qualities of a Good Counsellor


Empathy is important for a therapist because they have to be able to put their shoe on their patient’s situation. But they should not be driven by their patient’s emotions, but instead, they should be keen enough to know if the person’s feeling is proper or not.  Since some patients are too emotional they tend to base their thinking on their present emotions, therapists should have the ability to tell whether their emotions are proper or not. Their empathy level should be balanced.

Good Listening Skills

Since therapists need to hear every bit of their patient’s stories, they have to be able to have an alert ear to hear all the things their patients tell them. Every detail counts since it will be their basis on what will be the right approach to fix the issue. Pay attention very well to what your patients tell you, since they trust you they will be open in telling details that they only confide in you. You have to show them that you are actively listening to them since they are sensitive to people whom they talk to about their issues. You are their therapist so you need to know everything. 

Good Communication Skills 

Patients at first encounters are not that talkative, they are hesitant to talk about their concerns. Having strong communication skills as a therapist can help patients open up. As a licensed  therapist, you should have the ability to make your patients talk without letting them feel intimidated or annoyed. This will be the key for you to be able to be comfortable talking with each other. Good communication skills can help you build a good relationship with your patients. 

Set Your Limitation as a Therapist

Sometimes when patients get comfortable with their therapist they tend to treat them as close friends. That will be okay, but beyond that should be avoided such as being linked romantically with them. This is unethical and a big “no”, it can affect your relationship with them as a patient. Besides, it will be considered unprofessional to get involved with this issue. IT can ruin your reputation as well as create more anxiety for the patient. You can build a good relationship with your patients without going beyond your limitation as a professional. Be firm on being their therapist and let them know that you are there to help them professionally. 

Critical Thinker

Critical thinking is highly required in this profession. As a therapist, you will encounter a lot of issues that tackle a lot of topics, even beyond your knowledge. Brace yourself by being a good reader and observer. You have to know a little about everything, so just in case you encounter these issues, you are ready on what will be the possible solution to it. Remember basically you are their problem solver, therefore you should be able to analyze things and come up with a solution. Another thing would be to get updated with recent medications that can be used in cases of your patients. Be well-versed in strategies you have to use on your patients since researchers are continuing to release new methods in dealing with this kind of issue. 

Be Able to Manage Time

Therapists will not only be handling one patient but several. Be sure to be a person who can manage time. This profession does not only involve meeting with patients but also managing your business with all the taxes and permits needed to run your clinic. Therefore you should be knowledgeable in juggling tasks to cover all this or you can hire someone who can be your assistant. Scheduling your patients should always be organized to avoid cancellations. 

Being a therapist requires a lot of qualities to be a reputable one, but with all your desire to be able to help people be a better version of them. It will be worth all the effort and training to become someone who can lift someone else’s burden and let them see their new version of themselves. A person who has all the training and skills mentioned above iw what makes a good therapist.