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New businesses are on the rise in Nevada, with greater than 340 residents per one hundred,000 becoming an entrepreneur and serving to to diversify a gaming-centric economy. Labor prices may also be an element, with a median annual income of $65,003, whereas shopper spending came in at $forty three,723 in 2019, a rise of two.7% from 2018. One problem new entrepreneurs will face is finding inexpensive labor, with Oregon’s median annual earnings coming in at $67,058. Utah falls somewhere within the middle on taxes, with a prime corporate tax rate of four.ninety five%, the same as the individual earnings tax … Read More

Amy Grant shares health update after heart surgery

Amy Grant has advice for those who think they are in good health: Get a professional “to check it out.”

Grant revealed in February 2020 she was diagnosed with a heart condition called partial anomalous pulmonary venous return, undergoing open-heart surgery in June.

Now eight months after her surgery, Grant is sharing a health update and message about her experience with her heart defect in an interview on “Good Morning America” Wednesday.

“I feel fantastic. I just have this feeling like this is going to be the best year yet. I love it,” Grant said.

The singer unknowingly lived

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After open-heart surgery, Amy Grant chases her dreams to help heal others

Vince Gill got scared late last year when he started to get short of breath walking up stairs.

So the 63-year-old country star went through a series of heart health tests with his cardiologist.

The results surprised Gill and his wife, Christian/pop star Amy Grant: Gill’s heart and major blood vessels were clear and in good shape, cardiologist John Bright Cage reported.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but your heart is fantastic,” the doctor told him. “You’re quite simply just fat and out of shape.”

After their laughs died down, Cage turned toward Grant.

“Hey, let’s check you out.”

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