How to clear bowel and what impact it puts on men’s health


The bowel is often the most awkward thing many men would feel taking. They refrain to discuss such topics in a group as it may sound good and suit the situation. But make sure you do not avoid the discussion around completely as it is a vital biological process. Any problem with the bowel can directly affect the entire functioning of the body and even damage your mental health.

A clear bowel gives a refreshing feeling that nothing can provide. A constipated man can be identified with confusion in his mind thinking about his bowel all the time. A poor bowel is the worst thing because it keeps the toxic waste accumulated in the body for a long time which has its negative effects. All such points are discussed in detail in the article, hence read the article till the end to get answers to all your questions. The bowel is the result of our own mistakes, unhealthy choice of food, poor lifestyle and many others are some of the main reasons for poor bowel. This article shall also throw some light on how to get a clear bowel. Those men with poor bowel are the ones that take Cenforce 200 mg and Cenforce 200.

What leads to poor bowel?

Before getting to learning the effects of clear bowel one must first understand why one gets a clear bowel and why another man doesn’t. This will help the doctor to better understand the root cause of the problem and prescribe more accurate strength and dosage. Some of the reasons for poor bowel are:

Unhealthy eating 

One of the major causes of poor bowel is an unhealthy choice of food. For smooth bowel, you must take food items that are easily digestible and do not cause much stress on the stomach and gut. Such healthy foods include green leafy vegetables, nuts, cereals, whole grains, seafood, raw fruits etc. But no one wants to each such food. Today unfortunately fast food has become a full meal for many people. Burger, French fries, pizza, pasta and all such foods with high bad cholesterol and sugar content are being consumed in full quantity. 

Bad cholesterol does not get broken down by enzymes, thus it gets accumulated in the body and often sticks to the mouth of the arteries. Thus, when the heart pumps blood for the various organs the cholesterol stops it from flowing through the arteries. Hence, the organs receive less blood. 

Less physical movement

Most of us have desk jobs where there is the minimal physical movement of the body. All the day just sitting and working in front of the laptop. Such men are most likely to get poor bowel because the flexibility of the muscles and tissues in the gut also plays a major role in the movement of faeces in the intestines. Due to continuous sitting in a fixed posture for hours the muscles of the body get rigid. Thus, even the broken food particles feel difficult in moving in the intestines during excretion. This is why doctors ask constipation patients to do some physical exercise daily, this is only to provide some flexibility to the gut muscles and thrust the faeces towards the exit to the anus.

How does clean bowel impact men’s health?

A clean bowel at the start of the day is what is needed by men to start the day with a bag. Someone has said that the gut is the second brain and that is absolutely true. Just compare the day when you had a clean bowel to a day when your bowel was not good. A clean bowel refreshes your mind and gives it a positive feeling that uplifts your mood due to a rise in dopamine levels. Whereas when you didn’t have a clean bowel, your mood is off and even while working or studying, you are always thinking about getting an opportunity to clean your bowels. 

A clean bowel thus boosts the overall metabolism and the person feels highly energetic to hustle throughout the day. The blood circulation is improved and the blood pressure is stabilized, thus each organ receives an adequate amount of blood and they work with full efficiency. This is why men who have a clean bowel hardly take Fildena 150 and Vidalista 20


Give your bowel enough attention as it can affect the functioning of the entire body and mind. Many people are careless and always depend on laxatives for clean bowel. But remember laxatives being a drug will have some side effects, not instantly then surely in the long run. We should always avoid taking any kind of pills unless an extreme situation has arrived, till then we should go for natural methods. 

Applying the same theory for bowels, use natural methods like changing your diet such as eating more fibrous food and doing regular exercise.