2019 Gluten Free Halloween List for Canada

2019 Gluten Free Halloween List for Canada

Pumpkins on display

I’m back with the GF halloween list for 2019. I can’t believe October is here and halloween will be here in no time.

Like I mentioned last year, please DO NOT rely solely on this list. It is imperative that you read labels for the most up to date information on whether the product is gluten free or not.

This list of gluten free candy below was determined by me going into the grocery store and reading the ingredient lists.  Stores visited included Walmart, Costco, Save on Foods, and Nature’s Fare.

If you are not confident in reading ingredients lists for gluten, you may want to download my cheat sheet at the end of this post.

In Canada, gluten is easily identifiable on labels in plain english. If gluten is in the product, it is mandatory that it be labelled as such either in the CONTAINS (allergen statement below the ingredient list) or within the ingredient list itself. It will be labelled as barley, rye, oats, wheat or triticale. It is very rare that triticale is ever in a product. As such, it is typically the other four words that you will see on labels. You can remember these five words by remembering the acronym BROW(t). Gluten cannot hide under any other ingredients, including simple ingredients such as ‘natural flavors.’ 

Halloween Candy That Does Not Contain Gluten as an Ingredient:

  1. Caramilk
  2. Oh Henry
  3. Snickers
  4. Reese stuffed with Reeses pieces
  5. M&M milk chocolate candies
  6. M&M peanuts candies
  7. Reese peanut butter cups
  8. Reeses pieces
  9. Starburst original 
  10. Starburst fave reds
  11. Aero
  12. Skittles sour
  13. Skittles berry
  14. Toy story lollipop rings
  15. Paw Patrol lollipop rings
  16. Jelly belly pumpkins
  17. Jelly belly sour pumpkins
  18. Rain blo bubble gum
  19. Jolly rancher misfits gummies
  20. Jolly rancher fruity sours
  21. Jolly rancher lollipops
  22. Rockets
  23. Ring pops
  24. Maynards swedish berries, sour patch kids, fuzzy peach, swedish fish
  25. Nerds
  26. Sweetarts
  27. Laffy Taffy
  28. Runts
  29. Hubba Bubba
  30. Original dubble bubble pops
  31. Kinder chocolate
  32. Hershey’s milk chocolate
  33. Hawkins Cheezies
  34. Dare real juice fruit slices and jumbo gums
  35. Maynards wine gums
  36. Freddo caramel
  37. Popeye sticks
  38. Neilson jersey milk
  39. Old Dutch potato chips
  40. Humpty dumpty cheese sticks

Gluten Free Halloween Candy with a “GF claim” or GF Certification Logo

  1. Welch’s fruit gummies
  2. Skittles original fruit
  3. Kerr’s lollypops
  4. Kerrs molassess kisses
  5. Kids pik (blow pops, dubble bubble, cry baby, planterz, fruit chews, tootsie pops and rolls)
  6. Childs play (dots, fruit chews, tootsie pops and rolls)
  7. Dare real jubes
  8. Made good chocolate chip granola mini bars
  9. Yum Earth organic pops
  10. Glee gum pops
  11. Yum earth organic licorice
  12. Yum earth organic candy corn
  13. Enjoy life mini confections variety pack
  14. Yum earth organic gummy fruit
  15. Wholesome lollipops
  16. Welch’s fruit snacks
  17. Sunkist fruit snacks

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