Doctors Explain What Your Resting Heart Rate Should Be and Why It Matters

A lot of workouts focus on getting your heart rate up and reaching your target heart rate in order to burn fat, improve your endurance, and more. But what about when you’re not working out? Your resting heart rate is an important indicator of your overall health and physical fitness. POPSUGAR spoke to two experts to get the lowdown on just how low your heart rate should go.

Why Is My Resting Heart Rate Important?

Your resting heart rate is just as it sounds: it’s how fast your heart beats when you aren’t doing anything. “It is the heart rate

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Ways You’re Damaging Your Heart Without Realizing It, Say Doctors

Despite decades of heart-health campaigns, heart attacks are still all too common: Each year, 715,000 people will have a heart attack, or one every 44 seconds, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although the stereotypical symptoms and causes of a heart attack are well known — chest pain and a diet high in saturated fat, for example — there are many common risk factors and behaviors doctors say their patients don’t realize can lead to a heart attack, but they wish they knew. Eat This, Not That! Health asked a group of top MDs to reveal those

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Utah lawmaker wants to prohibit doctors from offering gender reassignment treatment to minors

SALT LAKE CITY — A southern Utah lawmaker wants to prohibit doctors from offering any gender reassignment treatment to minors.

“These are young kids … these are minors that — and I do have a lot of empathy for maybe kids feeling like they’re a male in a female body or vice versa — but these puberty blockers that they take can have permanent effect on their bodies,” said bill sponsor Rep. Rex Shipp, R-Cedar City.

Under HB92, physicians and surgeons would be restricted from performing gender reassignment treatment on those under 18, including internal surgeries and facial feminization

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The Best Diets For Heart Health, According to Doctors

If you’re looking for a big-time heart health boost, put down the low-fat cookies and low-sodium chips and, instead, start filling your shopping cart with items from the produce section.

In a recent study, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, just over 1,000 people who’d had a heart attack were monitored over the course of a year to see if their eating habits made a difference in whether they suffered a second attack. Turns out, they did. Those who followed a Mediterranean style of eating—which involves plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, virgin olive oil, legumes, fish, and

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