Let’s Catch-Up Over Coffee: A Coffee Talk Series

Let’s Catch-Up Over Coffee: A Coffee Talk Series

Whenever I try to start a new series on the blog, I somewhat get overwhelmed with the fact that I’ve committed to following through on what that series might be. i.e., sending a newsletter each week, a recipe 2x a month, a life update weekly, etc. And guess what? Yep, haven’t written in a few weeks over here so NONE of that is happening. But after a somewhat “bluesy” day yesterday, I decided to do what makes me feel good: and that was write. So here we are, having some coffee talk together! Before school starts. Before my first cup of coffee is poured.

But first: let me tell you this: The only way I can write before my kids wake up [and really before I have my first cup of coffee] is because I spent some time prepping for the morning the night before. Holy cow guys. That time for prep [that I’m not spending scrolling Facebook or Instagram] saves my sanity. My anxiety. And adds a few extra moments of writing! Win, win, winning!

Ok back to our first cup… Coffee talk today is starting off with chips. Because I know Lily is about to wakeup and ask for these things! Some registered dietitian nutritionist’s daughter SHE is! CHIPS FOR BREAKFAST?! Come on guys… it’s party size. DUH!

No really, she does ask for these chips for breakfast. But I’ve been able to push her off until at least snack time at 10am at school. Sorry Ms. Barauskas… I’m packing chips! Little does Lily know 2nd grade has a strict chip policy…

Speaking of school…. It was the night before school started and JOEY HAD TO GET STITCHES. A game of ball tag outside turned into a broken table which turned into a trip to the hospital for stitches in his hand. Tears were shed [mainly because he couldn’t play sports for a few days and he was worried his basketball shot would be ruined]. I’m here to say the cut is healing nicely. And Joey still has an awesome basketball shot!

And while the kids went back to school, Mom has been able to get some uninterrupted work time. YES! 

This week I filmed a tv segment in Lansing [Studio 10 News] on one of my all-time favorite topics: packing a nutritious school lunch [read all about some of my favorite school lunches here]. My school lunch philosophy has changed over the years… mainly because I’m noticing eating time at lunch is minimal for most children [chatterboxes!]. And by the time kids find their seat and catch-up with friends, there’s not much time to eat. I talked about that during the segment, and some of my money-saving and sanity-saving tips: like sticking with a main item [like a roast beef sandwich], next packing a fruit or vegetable, and then finishing with a sweet or crunchy treat. Washed down with milk or water, of course.

The segment will be aired September 22nd. Hopefully I’ll be sharing the link with you all soon [like in the next edition of coffee talk].

Ok so we’ve talked about a few of the kids, work, what about food?! What is everyone eating these days?? 

Well one thing I can tell you is that is I’ve been eating lots of beef burgers lately and for good reason: they are easy to make, the entire family eats some rendition of it [not pictured, the bun that Lily eats], I KNOW a beef burger will always taste delicious [Mom needs consistency in some part of my day!], and guys, really, I can dress one up for a date night in or dress one down for a cold leftover burger before bed. I guess that was a roundabout way of me saying I’m eating lots of burgers. And Lily’s eating lots of buns.

Some of my favorite burger posts on M2MN:

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Oh wait, there’s more! My spicy, spirited, empathetic, LOVING, loud Tony has started playing the viola at school. And man, is he in love. As much as I gravitate towards athletics and physical activity for fun, it’s AMAZING to me that two of my children [Lily and Tony specifically] can carry that artist/creative spark. Tony LIGHTS up when he talks about orchestra class. And he can’t wait to tell me about it at the end of the day. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing one of my children truly enjoy something. Stay tuned for more Tony and his viola updates! Maybe that should be a new blog series…  

While I’d love to say you’ll hear from me often with this coffee talk series, know this: I’m well intentioned to write more often with snippets of our weeks vs. formal posts, recipes, and whatnot. I can’t promise specifics. But I can promise you truth [and a virtual hug from across this keyboard!].

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