Home Remedies For Fever That You Ought to Know

Fever, a very common condition among everyone is caused when the body temperature gets elevated than the normal temperature. Our body temperature is regulated by the hypothalamus present at the base of the brain. It regulates the body temperature and keeps it according to the need. Common fever occurs in almost every human being irrespective of sex and age, and it occurs more than once in every one. Fever can also be caused by some serious diseases like malaria, pneumonia, infection, flu, cold, cancer etc. Sometimes fever is caused due to the side effects of medicines you are on.
So apart from the serious causes, if you have common day to day fever then a large number of home remedies are there to which you can resort to. Sometimes high temperature in adults causes the body to destroy microbes that are harmful for the body. At a high temperature body also produces immune cells. But temperature above 104 degrees Fahrenheit involves risk of cardiac problem and brain damage. In that case one must immediately contact a physician. In cases of lower temperature natural treatments are not only very effective in not so major cases but they are also devoid of side effects. It’s iherb coupon
The first step to reduce body temperature is to drink plenty of water. Intake of as much water as possible will help replace the body fluid lost and hence the temperature will come down automatically. Take maximum rest and keep yourself covered with a bed sheet or blanket. One must avoid an abrupt change of temperature during fever. Try taking liquid and easily digestible foods like rice cooked with lentil, spices and salt added until the fever is gone. Drink fluids like fresh fruit juices and cow milk. Take zinc or iron supplements as they help fight fever. Take cold baths to reduce temperature.
Apart from these other homemade remedies for fever are it is better to boil 2 to 3 teaspoon of powder of roasted fenugreek seeds in water. Strain the water, add clarified butter and drink it. Drink juice of sweet basil leaves or hot linden tea made out of boiling 1 teaspoon of linden flower in a cup of water or brewed willow bark tea, add black elder if needed. Yellow oils available at drug stores are also amazing remedies for fever. You can also try fenugreek oil, lemongrass oil, camphor and also coffee aroma for treating fever. If the fever sustains for several days without the patient responding to these treatments consult a medical professional.