Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Receding Gums?

You may have always been curious about the answer to the question, can cosmetic dentistry correct receding gums? Many factors go into a person’s teeth. If you look at your smile in the mirror and see your gums receding, you know that you are experiencing gingivitis,then it is time to go to the dentist and inquire about cosmetic dentistry in Baton Rouge (if you live in this area).

Gum Disease

Gum disease occurs when you eat too much sugar, fatty foods, or some bacteria. Once you start eating these types of foods, the bacteria within your mouth becomes overgrowth. This will cause a reduction in the amount of saliva that can protect your teeth from becoming stained. The result of this is a yellowed appearance of your teeth called gum disease. It does not matter if you drink red wine or coffee, you are at risk for gum disease.

Bacteria spread throughout your mouth

The reason why your teeth become yellow is because of the bacteria that is being spread throughout your mouth. These bacteria travel through the bloodstream and enter the walls of your gums. When this happens, the walls between the teeth start to weaken allowing the bacteria to invade the bone in your gums. This causes the formation of holes in your teeth called recessions. Once this happens, your dentist can tell by looking at your teeth that the condition is deteriorating.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry uses dental restoration to correct all of these dental problems. As mentioned above, dental restoration is any material that is used to repair a tooth. There are several different types of materials that are used to fix dental health. For example, if you have lost a tooth, your dentist can use dental implants to replace the tooth. If you have a cavity or if you have broken teeth, your dentist can use porcelain veneers to cover up the cracks and chips so that they do not look so obvious.

Help prevent receding gums

Cosmetic dentists can also work to help prevent receding gums. First, if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you will have fewer cavities. However, when you eat a lot of sugary foods, you cause your teeth to become more acidic, which increases the number of bacteria that thrive in your mouth. Therefore, if you follow a good oral hygiene plan and you avoid eating sweets and other foods that cause an acid effect, you will find that your gums will start to heal and that your dentist can help to repair the dental problem that is causing it.

In addition to fixing dental decay, a good dentist will also use route planning as a way to improve your oral health. Root planing involves your dentist drawing up a plan using the structure and shape information from your teeth so that your gums are properly anchored and the bone is well connected. When this occurs, it allows for more efficient drainage of the nutrient-rich food that you consume. As your gums heal and your teeth begin to function better, you will find that the healthier you feel and the less frequently you experience gum problems will be permanent.