Paintings created by Art with a Heart in Healthcare artists for Nemours Children’s Health System features new program

Art with a Heart in Healthcare artists, in partnership with Nemours Children’s Health System Specialty Care, pulmonology department, have created paintings for the clinic on the eighth floor of the Nemours building, located at 807 Children’s Way in Jacksonville.

The paintings for patients, their families and the staff of Nemours highlight the flora and fauna in the local environment and ecosystems of the St. Johns River. 

Art with a Heart in Healthcare artists-in-residence and volunteers Dylan Bauer, Teresa Graham, Lisa Miyares, Brooke McKinney, Matt Richards and Jill Swanson created more than 20 paintings for the project which are in 16

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Trinity Health System launches new program for those battling heart disease

Steubenville, OH (WTRF)- Trinity Health System successfully launches a new way to care for those battling advanced heart disease.

They call it Transcatheter Aortic Value Replacement, or TAVR in short.

How it works is simple.

The patient doesn’t have to undergo open-heart surgery like they normally would. There’s no cutting involved. They won’t even have to induce patients with general anesthesia but with minimum sedation.

This makes it for a less painful and a quicker recovery process for the patients.

With this procedure, patients could be up and walking in just 4

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This Nike-inspired integrated smart fitness system gives at-home gym workouts the boost it needs!

There have been some pretty innovative design solutions for home gyms in the age of COVID-19, ranging from adaptive gym modules that utilize smart technology for instruction to more discreet gym equipment that disguises as home furniture. While most of us are staying at home for these workouts, ensuring we all have the equipment needed can still get messy and some of us have neighbors living below and next to us, so we have to compromise when it comes to how loud we get. Swift Creatives, a Scandinavian design studio located in Aarhus, Denmark, recently debuted Smart Fitness, an integrated

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New automated measurement system to assess healthy lifespans using nematodes

A research group from Kumamoto University (Japan) has developed an automated measurement system to assess healthy lifespans using nematodes (C. elegans). Based on qualitative differences in lifespans, this system can classify populations of nematodes that are, on average, healthy and long-lived, healthy and die prematurely, and living with long periods of poor health.

Since there are many similarities between the mechanisms that determine the lifespan of C. elegans and humans, the researchers believe that this system will make it easier to develop drugs and find foods that extend the healthy lifespan of humans.

The concept of “healthy life

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California health system buckling under COVID-19 pandemic

LOS ANGELES (AP) — California’s health care system is buckling under the strain of the nation’s largest coronavirus outbreak and may fracture in weeks if people ignore holiday social distancing, health officials warned as the number of people needing beds and specialized care soared to previously unimagined levels.

Top executives from the state’s largest hospital systems —Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health and Sutter Health, which together cover 15 million Californians — said Tuesday that increasingly exhausted staff, many pressed into service outside their normal duties, are now attending to COVID-19 patients stacked up in hallways and conference rooms.

The CEO of

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Trinity Health System welcomes new interventional and structural heart cardiologists

Steubenville, Ohio – Trinity Health System is pleased to announce the expansion of its cardiology group.

The new additions include interventional and structural heart cardiologists Dr. Gregory Suero Abreu and Dr. Triston Smith along with members of their cardiovascular team; nurse practitioners Breana Burkhart, Danielle Rosen and physician assistants Brandon Bolduc and Caitlyn Williams. The team most recently practiced at Wheeling Hospital where Dr. Suero was the Director of the Catheterization Labs and Pulmonary Embolism Response Team (PERT), and Dr. Smith the Clinical Director of Structural Heart and Complex Coronary Interventions as well as the Chairman of the Department of

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