Building soil and ecosystem health for food and nutritional security: A worm’s eye view

My father and I were discussing soil restoration the other day, which is not so surprising, given our family’s roots in farming in the U.S. state of Michigan – my grandfather even carried on that tradition when he moved into Detroit for work and rented the vacant lot next door to plant potatoes.

I’m sure he would have felt comfortable joining our soil restoration conversation; after all, it’s a universal concern. The world’s food supplies are still very deeply connected with the soil: without healthy, well-functioning soil, we cannot produce nutritious food. It’s as simple as that. When the soil

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Growing your own food does not increase food security

Dear Editor,

A few days ago I saw a news clip about the resurgence of a plague of locusts in Somalia, in East Africa. A Somali farmer was lamenting the fact that his family faced starvation, as he led the reporter around his fields, where he normally provided all the food his family needed. The locusts had stripped the land bare of vegetation: crops lay dying in the fields and there was no food for the animals. Without urgent food aid, famine threatens his family, the community and that entire region.

This is a stark reminder of the fact that

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