9 Habits That Can Drastically Improve Your Heart Health

Throughout February, American Heart Month aims to raise awareness about heart health, a crucial mission as heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in American adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 659,041 Americans died of heart disease in 2019.

Medical professionals are deeply concerned about the state of cardiovascular health in American adults, said Dennis Bruemmer, director of the Center for CardioMetabolic Health at the Cleveland Clinic. On top of all the oft-cited lifestyle factors that increase the risk of heart disease, healthy habits and regular doctor visits may be slipping

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How to Prevent Heart Disease and Improve Your Heart Health

Welcome to 2021. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Did they involve promises about eating better, losing weight, exercising more and stressing less? What about prioritizing sleep and curbing the booze? If your goals included one or all of the above, you might as well have just said this is the year you resolve to prevent heart disease. Because each of those resolutions takes you one step closer to the formidable task of keeping your heart healthy.

Heart disease isn’t necessarily something on your radar—but it should be. “Heart disease is the number one cause of

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Following the Mediterranean diet can improve consumers’ heart health, study finds

Photo (c) Fascinadora – Getty Images

Following a healthy diet has been found to be a key component of optimal heart health. Now, experts from the University of Córdoba are encouraging consumers to consider the Mediterranean diet — which prioritizes fruits and vegetables and healthy fats — to improve overall heart function. 

According to their findings, following the Mediterranean diet can be effective at both boosting cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of a heart attack. 

“We observed that the Mediterranean diet model induced better endothelial function, meaning that the arteries were more flexible in adapting to different situations

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