New videos explain how to prevent COVID-19 infection in oral health-care services

Given that oral health-care providers work in close contact with their patients and are exposed to saliva, blood and other body fluids, it is particularly important that procedures are in place and are strictly adhered to in order to protect both themselves and their patients from infection with COVID-19 during the current pandemic and beyond.

A set of three short animated videos, released today, describe WHO-recommended procedures for screening, triaging and reception of people seeking oral health care; measures that should be in place to protect patients and personnel during treatment; and cleaning, disinfection and sterilization procedures to be

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Americans delaying needed healthcare due to COVID-19

Survey finds Americans may delay medical appointments, emergency care during pandemic
Exercise physiologist Nicholas Walker checks Will Fontaine’s blood pressure at his cardiac rehab session at the Orlando Health Heart & Vascular Institute. A new national survey by the Orlando Health Heart & Vascular Institute finds many Americans are hesitant to make and keep medical appointments when COVID-19 rates are high. Credit: Orlando Health Heart & Vascular Institute

A new national survey by the Orlando Health Heart & Vascular Institute finds many Americans would delay doctor’s appointments and even emergency care when COVID-19 rates are high. The survey found 67 percent of Americans are more concerned about going to medical appointments

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Alaska health-care worker has severe allergic reaction to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

A health-care worker in Juneau, Alaska, had a severe allergic reaction to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday, the first such reaction in the nascent U.S. coronavirus inoculation effort, Alaska officials said Wednesday. The unidentified woman, described as middle-aged with no history of allergies, had an anaphylactic reaction about 10 minutes after getting the shot at Juneau’s Bartlett Regional Hospital. She started flushing, a rash appearing on her face and torso, said Lindy Jones, the attending physician who treated the woman.

“When she arrived at the emergency room she was feeling short of breath,” Jones said. “She was not

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