Why a plant-based diet could be your answer to a healthier, happier life

As rates of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes continue to soar, “What should I eat?” has become one of the most important questions of the 21st century.

As a doctor whose speciality is gastroenterology – the diagnosis and treatment of digestive health problems – I find that, faced with a new illness, every patient soon asks me about food: “Is there anything that I should or shouldn’t eat?” We each know intuitively that food can play a vital role in helping us to improve our health, optimise our quality of life and even help us to heal and

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Following the Mediterranean diet can improve consumers’ heart health, study finds

Photo (c) Fascinadora – Getty Images

Following a healthy diet has been found to be a key component of optimal heart health. Now, experts from the University of Córdoba are encouraging consumers to consider the Mediterranean diet — which prioritizes fruits and vegetables and healthy fats — to improve overall heart function. 

According to their findings, following the Mediterranean diet can be effective at both boosting cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of a heart attack. 

“We observed that the Mediterranean diet model induced better endothelial function, meaning that the arteries were more flexible in adapting to different situations

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