Smiles for Success brings free dental care to Pensacola women in need


For women transitioning out of welfare, homelessness or incarceration and reentering the workforce, there are many things that can lessen their self confidence. Their smile is a significant 1.

Dr. Mary Martin, board president of the Smiles for Results Foundation, was a single of the founding women that introduced a pilot plan in 1995 that offered no cost oral treatment to girls to support fulfill their overall health requirements and raise their self-esteem. Since then, the corporation has partnered with females enrolled in work readiness applications across over 30 states.

“We decided that they required to start a philanthropic arm to do some thing for women of all ages. Gals who failed to have a possibility at getting work, or at existence,” Martin claimed.

Dr. Mary Martin provides a patient with dental care.

Now, the Smiles for Achievements board has established its sights on Pensacola and is preparing to create its first neighborhood clinic regionally with a target of serving about 300 women of all ages per 12 months.

“We are heading to have our very own dental device so that we can have the dentists appear there and see the affected individual,” Martin said. “Hopefully within just a year we will have that setup, because we’ve bought the individuals, we have acquired the programs. We experienced a pair of dentists volunteer, but they couldn’t see the clients in their put of work. So, we are going to have to set up a dental operatory.”


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