Scarcity Mentality & Empty Grocery Shelves


Let’s talk about the coronavirus panic, the food and resource hoarding, the current realities of this global pandemic, AND let’s also talk about the silver lining, find a little thread of optimism, and figure out what’s reasonable panic and what’s unnecessary panic! And let’s also start viewing dense food as life sustaining OK!?!?!?!


This episode’s show notes:


I answer the following questions (and more):

I find myself food hoarding and stress eating with the coronavirus panic. Is this a bad sign? What can I do about it?

I bought and stocked up on lots of food but have not been eating it, is this an ED flare up?

Do I have spring allergies or the coronavirus???


Plus, I also talk about:

How diet culture is trying to co-opt our panic

Some simple ways to stress relieve and take care of yourself when everything feels scary

And other tiny silver linings of self-isolation.

Plus! At the end, I have a convo with my (weed-loving) friend about coronavirus and… weed & the munchies & disordered eating. (She also is a therapist and has an LMFT!)

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You can find Christy Harrison’s twitter thread about COVID-19 and ob**ity here (mentioned in the episode)

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