Intermittent Fasting Mistake : The IF Diet ~ Nutrition guide | Diet Plan

Intermittent Fasting Mistake : The IF Diet ~ Nutrition guide | Diet Plan

Intermittent Fasting Mistake : The IF Diet

Most of you have heard about intermittent fasting and you’ve probably heard that fasting can help you burn fat lose some weight and be more productive throughout the day

while still enjoying bigger more satisfying meals but most of you probably don’t know that if you set up your intermittent fasting plan incorrectly it can make you fatter rather than leaner

i want to go over five of the top intermittent fasting mistakes so you can avoid them and get the fastest results possible.

First Mistake

The very first mistake i want to go over it has to do with people’s lack of patience so many people start fasting and all they could think about is how badly they want to lose weight or body fat

what’s the quickest way to do it so what they do is they spend the whole day or part of the day not eating and then finally when they’re feeding window arrives and they’re finally allowed to eat they still try to severely restrict calories.

One of my favorite things about fasting is that it teaches you how to listen to your body and how to eat normally without having to think about every last calorie.

Fasting allows you to reteach your body how to stop eating when you’re full but a lot of people that think that they’re going to get results faster continue to deprive themselves of food even when they’re allowed to eat

not only is this physically stressful on your body but it’s also extremely mentally stressful on your willpower and your mind, in the long run, this is completely unsustainable and will most likely lead you to a big bad binge.

Binging can lead you into a downward spiral that causes you to regain all the body fat that you might have lost from fasting, to begin with, to prevent this make sure that you allow yourself to eat sensible options.

All the way until you’re full as long as you’re having real natural single and reading foods you’ll feel full long before you go over your total daily allotted calories.

Second Mistake

you can make and that bingeing as soon as your fasting window has ended a lot of you especially if you’re new to fasting might be sitting.

There every day just counting down the seconds until you’re finally allowed to eat during that way in your mind is giving you all kinds of suggestions that will help you feel full and satisfied.

As soon as you can eat again and unfortunately most of those suggestions are going to be junk food that you’ve been mentally obsessing over and craving even if you’re eating fewer meals per day.

If you binge and satisfy your unhealthy cravings every time that you eat you won’t get many results but don’t worry there are a few simple tips that can help you avoid binging every time.

Make sure you’re tracking your calories and macros.

To be sure you’re not going way over your daily allotted calories.

If you don’t know what calories and macros you need for fat loss you can use the calorie calculator that i have linked up.

You can do is have a meal sitting in the fridge already prepped and ready to go by having a meal ready

you don’t have to go through the grueling process of cooking after a long period of fasting because a lot of you will start eating easy to access junk food while cooking your meal.

If you start eating junk food while prepping a healthy meal by the time that you’re done cooking you’ll already wolf down sometimes 500 calories.

The healthy meal ready to go my last tip to help you with this issue is to actually indulge in your cravings but only after you’ve already filled up on a healthy meal eat

your vegetables first followed by your protein source followed by your fruit you’re a healthy carb source and then you can finally make room for snacks and cravings by satisfying your cravings.

Keep in mind instrument fasting works because ultimately you less fasting may give you more room for the food you enjoy but it’s not an excuse to eat whatever you want to whatever excess.

Third Mistake

having coffee every morning and the good news is even while you’re fasting you can but i’m sure most of you ever heard that you want to stick to black coffee.

It can take you out of your fasted state and prevent you from burning as much of your own fat however this is not entirely true many people add butter mct oil or coconut oil to their coffee because of none.

Those pure fat options will spike your insulin levels very much at all most creamers are very low in carbs and are higher in fat even though adding a creamer can slow fat loss down a little you should still stay in a fat-burning state.

Stay away from cream if you can’t have your coffee black the key with coffee creamer is to go light on the cream put just enough in your coffee for you to be able to drink it the only time that.

This would become a problem is if you’re having four or five cups of coffee a day but if you’re having one cup of coffee a tiny bit of cream will most likely not break you out of your

fast the bigger problem is sugar.

There shouldn’t be any sugar in your coffee because that will spike your blood sugar and your insulin levels and it’ll ruin your fast most people know this so most people will replace the sugar with an artificial sweetener but this can be a big problem.

The problem with this is that some artificial sweeteners have shown to also increase insulin levels so do your best to stay away from artificial sweeteners while fasting

you can have a piece of sugar-free gum or not because the amount of artificial sweetener and one piece of sugar-free gum is basically negligible.

However, if you start taking four or five packets of equal or splenda or stevia and throwing it in your morning coffee not only can you be throwing yourself out of your past but you can also be making yourself crazy sweets even more.

The same thing goes for sugar-free drinks like coke zero or crystal light asides from the negative

effect of breaking your fast you should avoid these drinks just because of the harmful effects of

aspartame alone on top of that specifically in the coke zero and other sugar-free drinks.

If you’re slamming down diet soda after diet soda you’ll definitely run into problems.

Fourth mistake

i see people making all the time is an overall fear of being hungry many people when they feel hungry they feel like something’s wrong or that something could go wrong.

What do they eat right away this can not only ruin your fast but it can completely turn you off to fasting due to a fear of something going wrong.

You have to understand when you first start fasting your body is still in its regular eating schedule so a lot of people feel like their morning breakfast cravings will never go away but the truth is that your body will adjust over time and you’ll feel less hungry at breakfast.

As you get more used to not having your breakfast your hunger hormones are released during the

same times of the day that you’re used to eating.

You can see this in your pets will start getting antsy and they’ll start looking for their food at the same time every day without being able to read a clock it’s because our bodies are on an internal schedule.

If you have a lot of trouble with hunger when you first start fasting try to first just cut out all carbs for breakfast then stick to primarily fat and protein then work your way to having a smaller breakfast then delay your breakfast a little later in the day and finally you’ll work your way into comfortably skipping breakfast.

Last mistake

you want to avoid is a mistake that most people that do early morning workouts makeover and

over again people are still under the impression that directly after your workout you have to have a

protein shake as soon as possible or else your muscles will not start repairing.

So someone that wakes up at 6 a. M. To get an early one cow tin will immediately have a protein shake even though they’re supposed to be fasting until noon or one o’clock the problem with this is that protein.

Especially whey protein is extremely insulin degenerate meaning having a protein shake after your workout will throw you out of your fast.

It’s not just because the protein shake has calories it’s because of insulin, in fact, there’s a lot of debate about whether having even bcaas or branched-chain amino acids that can throw you out of your fast.

Even they are considered insulin a genic by many experts you don’t have to worry about your muscles not repairing

if you wait after your workout until you’re eating window if your main goal is a fat loss, i highly recommend that you wait if your main goal is to bulk up and get as muscular as possible then fasting may not even be the most appropriate diet plan for you at this current time.

Fasting makes it hard to create enough of the calorie surplus to significantly bulk up however once again for those of you that are primarily looking to lose some body fat with fasting you’ll be better off saving the protein shake too later that’s it.

The big catch is that you actually have to stick to the plan who would have ever thought that if

you wanted to change your body you would have to not only have a plan but you also have to be

willing to follow it and stick to it.

This plan will give you everything you need to succeed including an accountability coach that’s going to check in with you every week as well as a diet and a workout plan and we transition you into a lifestyle fasting plan.

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