Comfortable Men’s Clothing – Streetwear By KRA

Comfortable Men’s Clothing – Streetwear By KRA

Power dressing is incomplete without comfort. To feel the attire like a second skin requires the design to resonate at a personal level. And especially when it comes to presenting oneself as a brand, comfort is the only language that supports high dreams and ambitions. From billionaires to buffoons( just joking) everyone opts for styles that reflect our inner self. And men are more specific and nitpicky about comfort. It has always been a struggle to decide and choose something as a gift because of their so specific taste and choice. But the greatest relief I had recently was discovering a brand named KRA, promoting unabashed fashion and individuality. Most importantly, a whole line of comfortable men’s clothing.

Why choose KRA-as an option for comfortable men’s clothing

KRA is all about fashion, the statement that is comfortable, easy to carry, and stylish. Influenced by the STREET and driven by unrestricted creativity. While browsing it was difficult to choose as each pattern and style resonated with a particular mood. Finally, I chose a black color minimalist t-shirt and super light navy joggers.

Comfortable mens clothing

The black basic t-shirt is a short-sleeved round neck and a slim-fit t-shirt with KRA written on it. The cloth material is really soft and comfy as it is made from 100% cotton material. This also means that it is almost an all-weather choice, while one can solo wear it in summers, for winter it will work wonderfully under a denim jacket.

The t-shirt can be paired with almost all casual looks and as one says, black stands for every occasion. The one issue I face mostly during online shopping is the size. Every brand has its own size catalog and varies accordingly. But then for an online shopper, it becomes a matter of great dilemma in choosing that, just by visuals that fit. So the times when I receive orders which require no return and fit perfectly, are my favorite ones.

Comfortable mens clothing - T shirt

These joggers are my love. The comfortable fit and that too in cotton seem like a godsend. Especially for the morning exercise and jogging time when the days are getting so humid. The color also compliments almost every color in my wardrobe. It even has a drawstring and ribbed hem for that comfortable experience. These are mid-rise joggers in navy blue color and orange highlighter shade to add that style quotient to it. The fit of this jogger is great and provides that extra space to maneuver around.

Guess the activities we do on a daily basis gets influenced by the clothes we wear. Like a mood, we can slip into that particular brightly colored t-shirt or any apparel. The collection has a wide range to choose from and is also inexpensive. The whole process of making the order as well as the delivery was such a smooth ride. And on-time delivery felt like the cherry on the cake experience.

Comfortable mens clothing - Joggers

Fashion that is chic, breathable, and stylish is the preference these days. And brands that offer this luxury become a household names. Such an experience I had with the KRA collection that it is going to be my choice for breathable clothing. I highly recommend their latest collection designed and conceptualized by Nick (@beYouNick) who is the creative head. The latest prints they have and especially the Swagger Khaki joggers, in a manner that redefines fashion for men. The variations ranging from oversized hoodies, and cargo pants to kangaroo shorts with big baggy pockets are must have in one’s wardrobe.

Probably now it will be easier to give our male counterparts a gift of comfortable men’s clothing which they can readily and happily accept without much fuss.

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