A Guide for People Looking to Buy Cannabis Seeds


You might be hesitant to grow cannabis in your own home when you can visit a local dispensary. There are many pros to growing your batch of weed, such as having complete control over the strain and quality, reconnecting with nature, and experimenting with different plant training techniques. There’s no better time to start planning for the coming spring, so don’t leave garden planning too long, or you’ll be rushing. Plant the seeds in spring and harvest the cannabis in the fall. If you don’t have access o a garden space, you can grow weeds indoors under grow lights. 

There are several factors for you to consider before you buy cannabis seeds. Learn the basics so you can get started. This guide will answer some of your pressing questions.  

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

In Europe, national control isn’t obligatory for cannabis seeds, although drug control laws in Portugal and Cyprus constrain them. The cannabis plant is controlled when it’s capable of producing a considerable amount of THC, and the roots and seeds of the plant have no THC. You can cultivate cannabis, but you’re prohibited from selling it. It’s strongly recommended to check the local laws and regulations for cannabis cultivation. If the corresponding legal basis hasn’t been adopted, purchase the seeds to preserve genetic variation and have them germinate when amendments to the law have been made. It’s currently legal to purchase cannabis seeds in the UK. Still, it’s illegal to grow cannabis plants from the purchased seeds, meaning that you can’t germinate them. Seed banks can sell them as souvenirs, so the seeds are dispatched with the reservation and won’t be used in conflict with national laws. 

Online Shopping Is Convenient and Offers a Variety of Products

There are a variety of places that have cannabis seeds for sale if you’re interested. Online shopping is convenient due to its time-saving nature. Instead of spending hours browsing through multiple shops, you can buy cannabis seeds in a few clicks. More established seed banks make shopping discrete and convenient, functioning in parts of the world where cannabis is legal. Payment information is immediately discarded after the order is processed. You can use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency if you’re still reluctant to use your credit card. Cash payment is accepted as well. 

When purchasing from an online seed bank, you’ll want a guarantee you’re buying seeds of the best possible quality. Seed banks with a long history and positive reputation are an excellent place to start. Over time, Seedsman has become one of the most trusted online seed banks for European buyers. One thing that stands out about their site – https://www.seedsman.com/ – is the sheer number of options featuring classics like Bruce Banger or White Widow. All the information you need to make your decision is on the website, but you can also research and find more details about the growing process.  

Figure Out What Type of Cannabis Seeds You Want to Grow

Before determining the growth environment and medium, choosing the seeds comes first. There are several cannabis seeds, each requiring a different level of care and input. In what follows, we’ll briefly discuss each so you can make an informed decision. 

  1. Regular cannabis seeds. Regular seeds are produced when a male cannabis plant pollinates a female cannabis plant. Male and female seeds are in a proportion of 50/50, so you won’t know what gender your plant is until it starts flowering. Female plants are more genetically stable. They risk becoming hermaphrodites if there’s too much stress placed on them. So, why grow regular cannabis seeds? They’re often cheaper and are free from human tampering. Regular cannabis seeds tend to produce more vigorous plants; hence, they’re easier to grow. Still, if you’re a first-time grower, you might want to look into other options.
  2. Feminised cannabis seeds. The cannabis seeds are bred to eliminate male chromosomes and produce only female plants. They tend to produce rich cannabinoids referred to as sinsemilla (sinse or sensi), so the seeds aren’t fit for recreational purposes. Since they eliminate the guesswork of germinating regular seeds, feminised cannabis seeds streamline the growing process.
  3. Autoflowering cannabis seeds. As the name suggests, auto-flowering seeds require minimal input to finish their life cycle, automatically switching from vegetative growth to the flowering phase. The cannabis plants are ready to harvest within ten weeks. The yield from auto-flowering plants tends to be less because the strains are smaller than others, but you can increase your yield through more harvests. 

Think about your needs, space, and time when choosing cannabis seeds. 

Look For Quality Genetics

Each cannabis seed is unique and has its own genetic makeup. The seed package information should mention where the cannabis seeds come from and how the breeder has crossed or backcrossed to obtain the seeds. If there’s not enough information available, chances are that the seeds result from poor breeding practices. Cannabis seeds fall into two categories: Indica and Sativa. While indica plants help with relaxation, Sativa plants produce more energizing effects. Indica plants tend to have a fuller, bushier appearance, and Sativa plants grow taller and more slender.   

The seeds should be stored in a dry, airtight container so that moisture can’t get in. Like all living things, cannabis seeds can die. Keep the seeds in the original packaging and make sure they’re away from the light because this can trigger the germination process. The ideal temperature for storing cannabis seeds is 4ºC; still, it’s not a magic number. A freezer works best for long-term storage. Let the seeds warm to room temperature when you want to remove them. 

How Many Cannabis Seeds Do You Need to Grow a Plant?

One seed is all it takes to grow a plant, but it’s possible that not every seed will germinate, even if you’ve bought seeds from a reputable breeder. Fungus is one of the many factors that prevent cannabis seeds from sprouting. The already germinated seeds develop white spots, become weak, and, finally, collapse. It’s not recommended to use old, reused soil that isn’t sterilized because it contains mold and other harmful organisms. Since not all seeds will germinate (some might die off), you should start with more seeds. Don’t handle the seeds with your bare hands, which can lead to contamination. 


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