Astounding 3D-printed human heart model cuts and sutures like the real thing

This remarkable heart model created using a new bioprinting process feels like the real thing.

Carnegie Mellon University

It looks like a human heart. It feels like a human heart. It’s “the first full-size 3D bioprinted human heart model,” and it could change the way surgeons practice and prepare for patients.   

The innovation comes from a team of researchers led by Carnegie Mellon University biomedical engineer Adam Feinberg. The model is created using the innovative Freeform Reversible Embedding of Suspended Hydrogels (Fresh) 3D-printing technique.

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Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds And Why You Should Try Them

Sunflower seeds are a fount of nutrients and offer a lot of health benefits from lowers blood pressure, to relaxing blood vessels, getting rid of bad cholesterol, promoting the production of HDL or good cholesterol, lowering the risk of contracting heart related conditions, and hence improving overall heart health and boosting the general well being of the body.

Let us take a detailed analysis of why you should consume sunflower seeds on a regular basis. Take a look.

Sunflower Seeds Are Enriched With Magnesium

sunflower seeds

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sunflower seeds

Studies show that sunflower feeds are a rich source

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7 Health Benefits of Almonds

Everyone is going nuts for almonds. From almond milk and almond flour to almond cheeses and other almond-based foods, almonds are the “it” nut. But just what is it that’s so special about this tree nut that hails from the Mediterranean?

food on a wooden surface: Your main goals in eating before a workout are to stay hydrated and to fuel your exercise. One of the most common mistakes people make is overestimating how many calories they'll need. Generally, Bonci says, you'll want to make sure to eat within two to three hours of a workout. But you don't need much—around 200 calories will do it for a typical moderate- to high-intensity one-hour session. For that reason, and especially if you're trying to lose or maintain your weight, she suggests incorporating that pre-workout nosh into a meal or splitting your meal to eat half before your workout and half after. That way, you're less likely to over-consume calories.

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Your main goals in eating before a workout are to stay hydrated and to fuel your exercise. One of the most common mistakes people make is overestimating how many calories they’ll need. Generally, Bonci says, you’ll want to make sure to eat within two to three hours of a workout. But you don’t need much—around 200 calories

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Heart of the Nation: The exhibition celebrating how migrants built the NHS

Heart of the Nation: Migration and the Making of the NHS, which opened both digitally and physically at London’s Migration Museum last month, celebrates the vital roles that migrant workers have played in building our health service, through oral histories and emotive, compelling archive and contemporary imagery, as well as art, animation and data visualisations. Allyson Williams is just one of many health professionals – hailing from Iraq, the Philippines, Rwanda, Turkey, the Caribbean and beyond – who has shared her stories with the museum. 

“There was a lot of racism from the patients. They would ask if we

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PhytAge Labs Heart Health Supplement

11/11/2020, New York // KISSPR //

Heart Beat 911 is a heart health supplement that  promotes better blood flow and reduces heart-related disease risk. The formula is filled with potent fish oils that shut off inflammation in your body and provide you with missing Omegas your body needs to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

What is Heart Beat 911?

Millions of people suffer from heart attacks every year. Though this condition used to be fatal, there are different degrees of heart attacks that can determine its impact on the body. With the rampant obesity, alcoholism, addiction

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Trinity Health System welcomes new interventional and structural heart cardiologists

Steubenville, Ohio – Trinity Health System is pleased to announce the expansion of its cardiology group.

The new additions include interventional and structural heart cardiologists Dr. Gregory Suero Abreu and Dr. Triston Smith along with members of their cardiovascular team; nurse practitioners Breana Burkhart, Danielle Rosen and physician assistants Brandon Bolduc and Caitlyn Williams. The team most recently practiced at Wheeling Hospital where Dr. Suero was the Director of the Catheterization Labs and Pulmonary Embolism Response Team (PERT), and Dr. Smith the Clinical Director of Structural Heart and Complex Coronary Interventions as well as the Chairman of the Department of

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